Bradley Cooper Could Be My Sponsor

I’ve decided to quit drinking. I think my life will be much more rewarding without alcohol. It’s a depressant. I need positive relaxation like meditation and yoga and squeezing a ball that has an image of an evil man on it which I will not disclose.

I’m going to reach out to Bradley Cooper. Ask him if he’ll be my sponsor. I’ll be like, “I’m married. This is simply me wanting to sober up. A beautiful kind face with striking blue eyes helps in the recovery process. It’s science, man. What do you say?”

3 thoughts on “Bradley Cooper Could Be My Sponsor

  1. Kathy with a “K,”
    I’m actually thinking of taking up drinking because I’ve been told I need to find a way to de-stress and relax more. It’s a “hives” thing. However, if Bradley Cooper is in your sobriety group, can I join? I’ve got stories from long ago. Plus stress–currently. Also, I can drink a club soda and lime with the best of ’em, particularly while listening to and watching Bradley Cooper — in not a creepy way at all. Ya think he goes by Bradley or Brad? I think Mr. Cooper’s a tad too formal. Don’t you? Also, I watch Mom on TV, so I know how this sobriety thing works. Great post. I love your sense of humor — from the stirrups up. Plus, good luck with your quitting drinking — cheers! M.L. James aka Mona


    1. Thank you! He probably goes by Bradley but I would give him a pet name like Coop De Doop. I’m not into to star admiration but he seems like a swell guy plus he’s easy on the eyes to boot.


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