Story Pitch

I am so excited to discover that my town has its own version of Moth Radio, the storytelling show.

The group meets at different venues around town. Certain submissions are picked and the people tell their stories. 

The theme of the next one is immigration.

This is my pitch. I would love feedback.

My great-great grandfather’s name is Kris Kringle. He immigrated from Denmark in (?)

My mother had a photo of him. He had a long beard. He was wearing a tall top hat. He was surrounded by his twelve children outside of his farmhouse in Denmark.

He fathered his youngest child at some stupidly old age, like 76.

I know nothing of this man except that there was a time Denmark changed its sir name system because there were too many Sorensons and Eriksons. People were told to pick a name. Kris Kringle picked Kringle because they lived on Kringle Creek.

One day I got the big idea to try and find the farmhouse on Google Maps and Earth.

After many hours I found Kringle Creek. Lo and behold there’s an old farmhouse B&B run by Hazel Kringle. I messaged her. Turns out we’re related.

My dream trip is a visit to that B&B. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from the fjords in Norway.

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