Don’t Worry Be Happy

I read an article about the numerous benefits of magnesium. According to the article 68% of Americans do not consume the recommended RDA. Magnesium is essential for mental health. A clinical trial concluded that magnesium supplementation relieved the subjects of major depression.

I decided to try it. I’m here to tell you my family is very grateful I discovered magnesium. I’m pretty sure it’s not placebo. I have had moments where I go from a volume of zero to eleven in five seconds. My goal is not to do that but when your teenagers set the woods on fire and there’s a copperhead on the way to putting out the fire yelling happens.  Okay, that time the volume may have been at twenty-five.

Anyway, sometimes obnoxious teenagers and my fifty-three year old self do not get along.  Exhibit A of why I believe magnesium is the shit:

My husband and I go out to dinner for our anniversary. We pray that the kids do not kill each other or set the woods on fire while they are left unattended. We remind ourselves that it rained a lot so the fire is not likely. Phew.

We return home after dinner. I walk into the master bathroom and water is pouring out of the bathtub. My daughter ran a bath and forgot about it. Historically, this would be a loud event. The volume emanating from me. I would flip out that it could have resulted in a major house flood. A very stupid house flood. But I was like, “Oh. Better turn off the water. I grab towels and throw them on the floor. Fortunately, there’s not too much water.

My daughter comes in the bathroom. She says, “Oh my god Mom I totally forgot about the bath. I’m so sorry.”

I say, “That’s okay honey. We all make mistakes. I’m so forgetful this could totally happen to me.” Then I give her a hug.

That right there is my clinical study that magnesium is the bomb. I float through the day like a dandelion flower blowing in the wind. I read some crazy article about Trump and my blood pressure does not go through the roof. Stupid drivers don’t piss me off anymore. I’m happier. I feel more authentically happy than I’ve ever felt in my life. My new motto is “Even if it feels like we’re doomed, don’t worry. Be happy.”

In case you are interested here is a link to the clinical trial:





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