Bad Call

I tell my thirteen and fifteen year old we’re watching a movie. 

“What’s it about?”

I say, “It’s about a guy obsessed with death. He develops a special relationship with an older woman. They attend funerals together of people they don’t know. They’re funeral hoppers.”

My kids walk away mummbling hmmm.

I don’t know why I got the big idea to watch Harold & Maude with my kids.

Someone mentioned it. It’s one of my favorite movies. I want to show it to the kids.

I drag the kids out of hiding. The first allure for me is the Cat Stevens music. The kids have no connection to Cat Stevens.

My daughter wanders away ten minutes in.

It gets to the scene where Harold’s mother is talking to Candy, a woman she might hook up with Harold. They’re sitting next to a large window. Harold walks underneath a tree and pretends to blow himself up. Candy runs away screaming.

I laugh. I ask my son if he thinks the movie is funny. He says, “WHAT WAS SO FUNNY ABOUT THAT?” and he walks away upset.

I’m thinking the movie was a very bad call on my part. A well-intentioned bad call. 

I can imagine my kids telling their friends, “Yeah well, at least your mother doesn’t make you watch a movie about a guy who fake hangs himself and blows himself up and attends funerals as a hobby.”

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