I Think My Dogs Dig NPR

My shelties, Perle and Coco love to bark. I open the sliding glass door to the deck and they attack it and snarl, trying to sink their teeth into the glass door. I’m like, “good luck with that sucker.”

Coco is the biggest barker of the two. I considered changing her name to Bob Barker.

Coco regularly comes out to the deck and immediately runs to the corner of this lattice and barks incessantly. 


Everytime I see it I think, “That’s really fucking stupid.” I love my adorable Shelties. They are the bees knees, but barking at lattice is weird.

I read an article about the calming effect music has on dogs. Reggae and soft rock have the biggest effect.

I would take Get Up Stand Up any day over Christopher Cross – Sailing but who knows? Maybe if I was a Beagle named Buffy I would go for Sailing.

I recently turned on NPR before I leave for work so the pups have something to hear. They seem much calmer now. I call it the Lakshmi Singh Effect.

I’m going to search Google, “how to get your dog to stop voraciously barking at the lattice on the deck.” 

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