There have been situations in my life where the timing made me think the universe is punking me.

My family traveled to Great Britain. My husband starts off driving the rental car. I start screaming when I think we are going to run over a bicyclist and a lovely stand of shrubbery.

My family is over the screaming after ten minutes. My husband hands me the keys.

I’m not exactly Miss Stellar Driver On The Left but I’m not screaming and it makes my family happy.

We drive onto Isle of Skye in Scotland which is like driving onto a Lord of the Rings movie set. Perhaps it was the enchanted beauty that caused me to run off the road into a gulley that immediately blew out a tire. Or maybe I’m a dumbass. Whatever the case we’re sitting in our B&B on the Lord of the Rings island with no car. We call a private tour service.

The driver, Angus, gives us a tour of the island.

When it comes time to leave my daughter discovers she left her bag in the tour van.

We call Angus. He says he will send over his brother right away with the bag.

We wait and wait. We have to leave. We’re driving down the road to the main drive. A car pulls up the road and stops next to our car.

My husband says, “Are you Angus’ brother?”

A blonde woman with a German accent says, “YES.”

“Do you have the bag?”

She says, “YES.”

Then the car speeds off, makes a fast u-turn and stops next to our car. The gentleman driver yells out in a German accent, “There’s been a terrible mistake!” and they speed away.

My family laughed so hard we all could have benefited from Depends.

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